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From the first time that a Foothills' coring system went into a well on October 5, 1960 for Husky Oil, we have been working to improve recovery, efficiency and quality to insure we bring the best value to the client. 


During our decades of service we realized early on that not all core jobs are the same. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to discuss the needs and goals of the well teams and create custom solutions where required for each and every individual goal of a well development team.


Over the course of our history Foothills has developed a vast number of methods and equipment to cut and recover enhanced samples. WIth the combined expereince from the global Foothills team we have hand picked the speciality services listed here that provide the best value add to some core jobs and have removed some of the overly complicated tools and methods seen in the industry today.


WIth an extensive and ongoing research and development program, these methods represent the best in coring technology without complciating the string all while providing data in the form of the highest quality cores.


Contact us for more information on these or other systems that we may offer.



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