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Foothills Resource Services was founded in 1960 as Foothills Diamond Coring and has since become a recognized leader around the world. The company began operations as a conventional coring service provider in the oil and gas industry and since then has grown to become a leading provider of conventional, wireline and specialized coring services, design and manufacture of coring equipment, a supplier of drill bits and a supplier of preset drilling services including the coring of wells with a TD of less than 500 meters.

Foothills has grown its business in Canada and internationally by remaining highly competent, and technically innovative in the most rugged conditions.



Experience counts in coring. The diverse range of formations and situations encountered in drilling create tremendous pressure to be right the first time. Foothills uses an extensive database to research each coring location ensuring the very best equipment, processes and transport are available to do the job. Coring is part art, part science and mostly experience. Foothills has extensively trained coring experts who customize each core job for optimal performance.

Service is critical in the oil patch. With Foothills Resource Services your needs will be handled in an efficient and effective way from the initial call to the post-coring follow up. Everyone at Foothills is focused on seeing you achieve complete satisfaction with each and every coring job.

Innovation is an engrained process at Foothills. Creating new and better solutions has been a hallmark of the company including Low Invasion PDC coring bits, a range of diamond bits customized for a variety of borehole sizes and conditions and specialized retrieval methods. Foothills proprietary "High Torque" threads were developed for difficult coring conditions in overseas markets and they continue to be utilized more each year.

International Sales and Services have grown steadily based on the reputation Foothills has earned. Foothills Resource Services products and services are used in over 14 countries around the world. International Oil companies call Foothills whether they are looking for quality parts, a complete turnkey system or services to manage a complex coring program. 



Foothills is totally dedicated to our clients.


Whether coring, manufacturing coring equipment, or preset drilling, customer service is our company's #1 priority.


Based in Western Canada, Foothills has earned a solid reputation for excellence in coring around the globe. We deliver value by consistently improving rates of penetration, maximizing core recoveries and securely retrieving high quality cores for enhanced analysis.


Foothills is an innovative leader, designing manufacturing and distributing world standard coring equipment. We have the best equipment, best people and best procedures to ensure we deliver on each and every core job.Look a little closer at Foothills and you will find a company that goes the extra mile. Our desire to help every client achieve their goals is engrained into the culture of our company.


From inception the main goals of Foothills have been:

  1. Safety

  2. Quality

  3. Efficiency


Foothills achieves these goals through investment. Capital investment goes into our ongoing research and development quarterly. Time is heavily invested in our people through training, mentoring and HSE programs. 


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