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Foothills Resource Services is headquartered in downtown Calgary AB. We have regional service facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia bringing our tools and equipment into service from coast to coast. 


All of our equipment is manufactured right here at home to the highest standards of quality with proven materials.



WIth conventional coring equipment and a service facility in place FRS has had ongoing call out operations ongoing in Cuba for almost 20 years.



With a facility close to the border in Saskatchewan we are able to serve the northern United States with ease. FDC corp is the American division of Foothills Resource Services Inc. 


With equipment located in Mississippi, Pensylvania and Colorado FDC has serviced all of the key plays in the USA. Expansion is planned for a full facility in Texas. 



Based out of Poza Rica, Foothills provides our comprehensive suite of coring services to Mexico in addition to hydrostatic testing.



Foothills has a fully stocked wireline coring operation based in Zielena Gora, Poland. With recent success of pilot projects in Poland and Germany expansion is planned through the area and neighbouring countries throughout the EU in 2015.



Foothills stocks and maintians a full suite of conventinal coring equipment and manpower in Kazhakstan servicing the country and surrounding areas both on and offshore.



Foothills serves the SE Asian region from our facilities in Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia. Having a solid presence in the country since 2011, Foothills has become the leading provider of wireline coring services for the CBM and Geothermal plays. 

Saudi Arabia


Foothills Resource Services with our joint venture partner Rawabi Holdings serve Saudi Arabia and the GCC with conventional, wireline and specialty coring equipment from our base of operations is Al Khobar.

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